Rapid Change Remix Burner

In 2013 Forehearth Supplies Ltd designed and patented the unique Rapid Change Remix Burner (RCRB). Cleaning or replacing conventional forehearth burner nozzles are necessary but time consuming and highly disruptive procedures. The newly patented Rapid Change Remix Burner has been developed to allow the burner nozzle cleaning/replacement routine to be achieved in a fraction of the time required currently.

  The design allows the burner nozzle to be removed and replaced without the need to remove the burner. As a consequence there is no need to replace either the burner/manifold or burner/burner block seals – or to realign the burner with the burner port.

Trials have confirmed the nozzle can be removed and replaced within 20 seconds – about one fifth of the time currently required to unclamp the burner, remove, renew seals, replace burner and re-clamp. Although this represents an enormous saving in terms of maintenance overhead, the prime benefit is the significantly reduced disruption to the glass temperature homogeneity and forehearth stability caused by the burner removal/cleaning procedures. This equates directly to lower ware rejection due to gob weight and glass distribution problems caused by the disruption to the heat input to the forehearth – which currently can last for several hours. The burner’s unique construction also optimizes combustion performance by remixing the air and gas immediately prior to entry to the burner nozzles.